Local manufacturing:

The production of each clothes and accessories is in Quebec, assuring a decent salary and the respect of the workers’ rights.

Raw material choice:

Unfortunately, it is still very hard to buy raw materials in Quebec. The fabrics and leathers come from manufactures located in Asia, North Africa and South America. But some of fabrics are made for us in Montreal.

cokluch fabrication locale

Use of non polluting materials:

All the prints are made with a water ink and are printed in Montreal.

Team work:

To Christine and Laurie, it is essential to know how to delegate and to have attentive ears. The team, it’s 8 dynamic girls in the workshop, a dozen of subcontractors with nimble fingers, listening suppliers, an incredible stylist, talented photographers, a creative graphic designer, encouraging friends, helping and loving families.

Family life:

Listening to the needs of our employees, organizing the working hours according to familial, health or other obligations is what gives Cokluch a good working place reputation.

The employees evolve through a friendly and welcoming environment that gives them the opportunity to involve themselves in the company.