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ethical fashion

Ethical fashion, responsible fashion, sustainable fashion, slow-fashion ... so many terms as challenges to offer you beautiful, durable clothes at the fairest price for all the stakeholders who enter into our production process. Here are our 4 pillars that always push us towards sustainable practices, for you, for us, for the local economy and for the planet.

We try as much as possible to provide you with transparency regarding our production methods, but if you have questions or wish to deepen certain subjects, we are always happy to read you or to meet you at our Atelier-Boutique in Montreal.

The production

— 1 —

The little hands behind every piece of clothing means a lot to us. In our slow-fashion approach, we employ local workers by offering them good working conditions. They are offered a fair and decent salary, as well as a clean, safe workplace and respect for their rights. These conditions of course have a monetary value which is added to the cost of our clothes.

The environment

— 2 —

We undertake (at our scale) sustainable practices in order to reduce our environmental impact. We make sure to choose natural (even ecological) fabrics as much as possible and we strive to produce some of our fabrics here, in Quebec. When we have surplus fabrics, we create accessories with certain scraps or we resell them to you for your personal creations.

The amount

— 3 —

It is well known: bulk production reduces production costs. For the giants of the industry, the demand is immense so the costs are often reduced. At Cokluch, as with several other local businesses, the demand is much smaller. The pieces are therefore produced in small batches and sometimes even on demand, which makes it possible to limit losses as much as possible and to bet on the exclusivity of the pieces.

The quality

— 4 —

The durability of our clothes depends above all on its quality. We put this element at the heart of the development of our collections, summer and winter alike. The pieces are designed to be timeless, and the fabrics to retain their shape and feel (even after several washes). Quality materials and production come at a price, and that's on top of the other expensive expenses of sustainable fashion.


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