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Local production

Local production is an integral part of Cokluch, which over the years has consolidated its presence within the Quebec fashion industry and the slow-fashion movement. Wondering what slow fashion is ? It is simply to buy better, of better quality and for longer. By choosing to buy less, you encourage fashion companies to produce less clothing, which therefore reduces the total amount of waste created by the fashion industry.

At Cokluch, we have a lot of control over every step of the manufacturing process, which allows us to implement more ethical and sustainable practices in the design and manufacture of our products.

We pay particular attention to the production of our clothes by designing and manufacturing them exclusively in Montreal. Each stakeholder involved in the production process is treated with respect and fairness. It is very important for us to continue to support local job creation by having a direct look at the working conditions of our subcontractors (or our little bees, as we call them here).


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