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CALANQUES rosemary and sea salt candle


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Ethically Made in Montreal

Rosemary + Sea salt

Top notes: Rosemary - Lemon

Heart notes: Conifer - Basil

Base Notes: Sea Salt - Lavender

Essential oils: Lemon from California - Basil from Vietnam


This delicate fragrance will transport you to warm sand, a sea breeze in your hair. Its notes of wild rosemary and green citrus titillate your senses with this delicate fragrance. A fresh / velvety balance that reminds you of the small hidden coves in the south of France.



Our artisanal soy wax candle offers a raw and neat side with its hand-worked cement pot. A natural and refined look as well as a rich and complex fragrance make it a marriage that will embellish your daily life. Our Montreal workshop wants to offer you a refillable candle (up to 3 times) of quality, but also durable and ethical.

For best results, allow to burn until the wax is evenly melted from wall to wall, do not exceed 4 hours, keep the wick to a length of approximately 1/4". IMPORTANT! Please note that our candle refills are designed specifically for our Cotton Coral jar. They should not be burned as individual candles or in other containers, as this may present a fire hazard. Caution: Do not put your jar in the dishwasher. Concrete is a natural material that works with time, use and the environment it's in. If your pot shows signs of deterioration, it's time to replace it.
ABOUT COTON CORAIL Coton Corail is a Montreal brand based on two fundamental principles: being gentle with yourself and with the planet. We illuminate your homes with high quality natural candles that are made with the utmost respect for our environment.
Each pot is unique, because it is handmade. Cast, unmolded, sanded, sealed, dried and faded, meticulousness is present at every step. Your jar is unique. Our candles are also poured by hand in our Montreal workshop. 100% biodegradable soy wax, which releases no toxins into the air. Perfumes certified phthalate-free, vegan and not tested on animals. Wood wick sustainably sourced in North America. Hand poured in Montreal.


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