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Cokluch, a story of friendship

In 2007, two friends and roommates, Christine and Laurie, created Cokluch in their first apartment in Montreal. Initially, they made bags and accessories from recycled leather, then over the years they started making their first clothes. The Cokluch brand as you know it today was born. Since then, it has continued to grow and evolve with trends, production techniques, but also the desires and passions shared by the two designers. From the start, their desire was to create clothes that suit all women, regardless of their style and body type. Comfortable clothes, versatile cuts, a unique style: this is the essence of Cokluch.Use this section to create unique side-by-side layouts with various content blocks. Pair text with images, newsletter blocks, products, videos, testimonials and more.
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Local production

Local production is an integral part of Cokluch, which over the years has consolidated its presence within the Quebec fashion industry and the slow-fashion movement, which consists of buying less, but better.


ethical fashion

Ethical fashion, responsible fashion, sustainable fashion... as many terms as challenges to offer you beautiful, durable clothing at the fairest price for all the stakeholders involved in our production process.


The choice of fabrics

In our local production circuit, we give particular importance to the origin of our fabrics - this is why for the past few seasons, we have been striving to produce some of our raw materials in Quebec.



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