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frequently asked Questions

What does "in production" mean?

When an item is "in production", it means that our subcontractors in Montreal are working very hard to get it to you as soon as possible. If you place an order with an item "in production", dispatch will occur once all items are received on hand - refer to the date listed in the product sheet. It is possible to cancel your order if the item has not yet been sent.

Can I add items to the order I just placed?

Have you come across an item that you absolutely need in your wardrobe, when you have just placed an order? No problem ! Contact customer service at and we'll let you know what options are available to you.

Does your online inventory differ from that in store?

Online inventory and in-store inventory are the same. You can check the availability of a product on the website before going to the store. Inventory errors can happen, so we suggest you call us to make sure an item is available. Except during sales periods, it is possible to put items aside for 24 hours.

Do you repair clothes?

If you have a Cokluch or Cokluch Mini item that is damaged following a manufacturing problem, we can carry out a minor repair free of charge in our workshop-boutique (less than a year after purchase and upon presentation of the Invoice). In the event that it is a purchase of more than a year, that you have damaged the garment yourself or that you no longer have the invoice, costs will be charged and the repair time may vary. PS: We only repair items of our brand.

Delivery and returns

What is the delivery policy?

The processing of an order is between 1 and 5 business days (from preparing the package to picking up the carrier). The delivery time then depends on the latter. When the order is shipped, you will receive an email with a Canada Post tracking number to track the progress of your package.

What are the shipping fees ?

The shipping costs are only $8 for Canada, $15 for the United States and $30 for international. In-store pickup is always free. For more information, click here.

What is the return policy?

We do not issue refunds, we offer an exchange or a credit note. The only exceptions accepted are: if a product goes out of stock during order processing, or if it has a manufacturing defect that we did not notice during our quality control.

I bought an item in one of your points of sale, can I come and exchange it in your shop?

Items purchased in our points of sale cannot be exchanged in our shop. Please contact the point of sale directly to find out about their return policy.

Do I have to pay the shipping costs for a return?

The customer is always responsible for the shipping costs related to his return, except in the case of an error on our part on the goods (manufacturing defect, delivery error, etc.).

Can I exchange an item on sale?

Products on sale are considered final sale, so no exchanges are possible.

The Cokluch brand

Where are your clothes made?

All of our clothing and accessories are designed and manufactured in Montreal. It is very important for us to continue to produce locally in order to have better control over production, but above all to support local job creation with a direct look at the working conditions of our subcontractors.


What are the different production stages of your clothes?

1. The designers draw and create the patterns for the different pieces that will be in the collection.

2. We then order the fabrics. We estimate the number of rolls we need to produce the collection. We supply to Canada, Europe and Asia.

3. Once the fabrics are received, some need to be pre-washed or pre-shrunk, to prevent this from happening to your home. We call on two Montreal companies to carry out this task.

4. Then we move on to grading. On a large sheet of several meters, one of our subcontractors in Montreal uses a technique that allows us to obtain, from our basic size (S), the other sizes we need (this is done by a large number of calculations and somewhat complex tables... ;-). The large sheet is thus printed under the force of lines.

5. After this step, the fabrics are sent for cutting. Several meters of fabric are laid out on a large table, with the gradation sheet on top so that the laser cutter can follow the lines. Once the fabrics are cut, all the little pieces that build a garment are joined together to continue the next steps.

6. In some of our collections you can find screen printed fabrics. For this, our subcontractor uses water-based inks, free of P.V.C., phthalates and other heavy metals, which gives a much prettier printing result, less relief and above all more respectful of the environment.

7. This step is about sewing our clothes. For this, we offer full confidence to many independent designers and seamstresses, all located in Montreal.

8. Once the garments are sewn, we receive them in order to carry out the quality control directly in our workshop. The whole team works in turn, garment by garment, to be sure to offer you the best possible product.

9. When all the design steps are complete, the finished garment is in your hands and blends perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe!


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